New Album “Materia Chapter.One”
New Album “Materia Chapter.One”
19 December 2016

On 20. January 2017 Cosmic Gate looking forward to release their 7th artist album. You can already pre-order ‘Materia – Chapter.One’ HERE and will receive the new single ‘Fall Into You’ with JES as instant download!

Materia Chapter.One the story: 

We didn’t set out to create the most definitive Cosmic Gate releases ever”, imparts Nic Chagall, when talking about the process behind his and Bossi’s latest album project. “It is how it turned out though”. “With each week that passed, Bossi picks up “and each track we finished over its 12-month timeline, we became evermore aware of how fundamentally ‘Cosmic Gate’ the developing album sounded. Who knows?” he ventures, “maybe these’ll be the ones that, over time, people will hold up and say: “hey, this is what Cosmic Gate are all about”. 

Hence ‘Materia’ (MātěrĭaLatin. Fem. Noun. Decl.): base, matter, essence, the substance that all things are made of) became their working, and then final titles.

You’ve probably noticed that we’re speaking in plurals here, for there is indeed something of a twist to their seventh longplayer. The 20th of January 2017 sees Germany’s most successful and enduring electronic music duo release Chapter.One in ‘Materia’s two part arc (the second primed for further into 2017).

Nic says: “the longer we worked on the album, the more ideas came on the table: ones for songs, sounds, collaborations and other elements. We met with other artists and talked to them about it. We found a lot of them shared our vision and subsequently many wanted to become a part of it. The upshot of it all was we ended up with far more album demos than any of our previous releases, and with a higher ratio of ones we wanted to include too. It became a bit of a monster!” he says with a grin. “Far too many for one release. It was a nice problem to have, sure, but a problem nonetheless! So the idea came about to tell the story of ‘Materia’ over more than one album.” 

2017 then has all the makings of Cosmic Gate’s ne plus ultra year. Departure for ‘Materia’ begins with ‘Chapter.One’ on Jan 20th!

01. Cosmic Gate & JES – Fall Into You
02. Cosmic Gate & Ilan Bluestone – Spectrum 
03. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Edge Of Life 
04. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic 
05. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Fight The Feeling 
06. Cosmic Gate & Tim White – The Deep End 
07. Cosmic Gate – am2pm 
08. Cosmic Gate & Julie Thompson – Fireflies 
09. Cosmic Gate – Halo 

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