Earth Mover
Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate are Claus Terhoeven & Stefan Bossems, AKA Nic Chagall & DJ Bossi. Having toured the world, remixed the hottest artists and generally shaped their own distinctive place in the trance scene (notching up 7 top 40 hits in Germany alone), the German duo have polished off what is set to be surely one of the big trance albums of 2006.

So along comes Earth Mover their third full-length artist album to date; a shuddering sprinkle of thirteen euphoric grooves featuring the recent singles Should’ve Known (current single), I Feel Wonderful and Ultra Curve.

Delivering a mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks the album features the vocal talents of Jan Johnston, Roxanne Emery, Sir Adrian and Tiff Lacey amongst others.

The lighter progressive moments of tracks such as Should Have Known and Element Of Life are thrown into the blender with dark stormer Analog Feel with it’s erm… analog feel and anthems Consciousness and Ultracurve.

Dropping a selection of tracks worthy of mainroom attention and home listening combining everything from trance, techno, electro and house, this year’s progressive trance monster has arrived!


    1. Cosmic Gate feat. Sir Adrian - A Mile In My Shoes
    2. Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful (AM 2 PM Edit)
    3. Cosmic Gate - Element Of Life
    4. Cosmic Gate feat. Tiff Lacey - Should've Known
    5. Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel
    6. Cosmic Gate feat. Roxanne Emery - A Day That Fades
    7. Cosmic Gate - Bilingual (Break Beat Edit)
    8. Cosmic Gate feat. Wippenberg - Guess Who?
    9. Cosmic Gate - Race Car Driver (Paddock Club Edit)
    10. Cosmic Gate - Consciousness
    11. Cosmic Gate - Earth Mover
    12. Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston - This Is The Party
    13. Cosmic Gate - Ultra Curve

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