Going Home (Gareth Emery Remix)
Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt

Once ‘Start To Feel’s wistfully chilled midsection interlude, earlier this month ‘Going Home’ began to assume a altogether more club rocking nature.

With Cosmic Gate’s new Club Mix already taking to Beatport’s trance chart like a rocket, the guys are today pleased to deliver another floor-transfixing rework. This time it comes courtesy of Gareth Emery, who’s given the track an equally dramatic remix-transformation!

On ‘Going Home’ Emma Hewitt strikes a different, but no less resonant chord to the one she sounded on ascribed classics like ‘Be Your Sound’ and ‘Not Enough Time’.

With his mix Gareth Emery puts the mod-wheel into high gear, gives Emma’s vocals their time to shine with some spotlight pianoforte and finally, post-break, rips the roof off with a big, angular, reverb-heavy riff!

‘Going Home’ continues its club journey today!

Pre-listen on Soundcloud or grab your copy on iTunes!

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