Cosmic Gate & Greenhaven DJs

There was a major Easter egg tucked away in Cosmic Gate’s Puerto Vallarta, Mexico livestream last month, and one that didn’t escape the attention of many a CG fan. Not only did Nic & Bossi take the opportunity to premiere ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’s opening single (the Olivia Sebastianelli-sung ‘We Got The Fire’)… they also tucked the second one in there too!

Cloaked behind the only ID on its tracklist (and the set’s close-out number no less) was ‘Retrospection’, Cosmic Gate’s first studio link-up with the Greenhaven DJs.

Now you may remember the Greenhavens’ from their highly inventive (not to mention killer!) ‘The Unexamined’/’The Hall Of Records’ release on Wake Your Mind a few years back. Well these two have put their heads together with Nic & Bossi and come up with one dark-hearted beast of a techno-freighted trancer. 

Drum-punch, cybery FX, saw-toothed-synths, chasm-deep drops, a deeply warped bass and a leadline every bit as lethal as it is minimal, all pressure-cook its production. Another fragment of ‘MOSAIIK’s second musical mosaic drops into place today, as ‘Retrospection’ goes on release. Streaming and sales options here and once you’re done, grab another look at Cosmic Gate dropping it hot in Puerto Vallarta here 

In other ‘MOSAIIK’ news, Cosmic Gate are now six weeks into their biggest North American tour to date. Shows in Miami (at MMW), Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC and a dozen other N.A. spots lie ahead, before it wraps in Montreal on May 14. Tickets for all shows are available now through this link, full details of which you can find below.

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