Yai (Here We Go Again)
Cosmic Gate & JES

You know ‘Yai’... That cult instrumental that last year stirred the midsection waters of Cosmic Gate’s ‘Start To Feel’ album oh-so deep. Enigmatic, electric, brooding… and frankly prime for some lyrical/vocal expansion! Well, for their first single action of 2015, that’s exactly what Nic & Bossi are delivering.

Bringing it its fresh angle is JES, the songstress behind Motorcycle’s legendary ‘As The Rush Comes’, previous Cosmic Gate crowd rocker ‘Flying Blind’ and a dozen others besides. She pools her soul-searching vocals and laid-bare lyrics to further develop Yai' with an emotive tale of a relationship on the ropes.

Now retitled ‘Yai (Here We Go Again)’, her vocal is a mirror-perfect reflection of Cosmic Gate’s production, packed to the nines with brooding, dark-tech riffs, edgily played off against more optimistic synths.

Premiered by Armin van Buuren as his Tune of the Week on A State Of Trance 698, and one of a host of exclusive tracks to be featured on their first, just-announced ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ mix-comp (out in March), prepare to say ‘Yay’ to ‘Yai’!

Pre-listen to YAI (Here We Go Again) on Soundcloud or get it on iTunes!



Would you be my friend tomorrow?
If you were my lover today
Would you be open to my confessions?
Cause something’s will never fade away

And I will lead on a burning trail
I'm your opponent, So own it
I could lose you to a fairy tale
So seize the moment
And make it stay

On the skyline
The reflections will catch you
From the twilight
We'll dive into the morning
On the frontline
I'm searching to break through
When I feel you
Here we go again

Here we go again
Here we go again
Here we go again
Here we go again...

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