Cosmic Gate & Kristina Antuna

By turns, ‘Falling Back’, ‘Fair Game’ and Electronic Family’s 2014 anthem ‘Telefunken’ came… and conquered. Most recently, through its Mark Sixma rework, ‘Falling Back’ produced a successive lightning strike, impressively ringing the Beatport no.1 chart bell for a second time!

 Now, spinning ‘Start To Feel’s fearless style-dial once again, Cosmic Gate’s smash album serves up another super-fresh frequency. Following Nic & Bossi’s July/August coast-to-coast US bus tour (all the official YouTube action here! (, demand for one of its live performance standouts reached fever pitch. With star-in-the-making Kristina Antuna on vocals; Nic & Bossi delivering, quite possibly their catchiest production ever and Maor Levi sending his version-excursion clean out of the park, its time for some ‘Alone’ time!

West Coast ethics run deep with Vegas-born/LA based singer Kristina Antuna, whose striking vocals and implored lyrics occupy ‘Alone’s sonic foreground. By turns heartstring pulling and latterly emotionally elevating, with their production Nic & Bossi track her mood note-for-note. Pianoforte lines and fluttering synths channel the vibe further, before the swell of the pads and controlled surge of the pitch-wheel seamlessly catches the peak of Kristina’s chorus.

 A tap of the squelch button, an extra squeeze of FX injection and some judicious electro-lining distortion, and its all (festival) systems GO! on Maor Levi’s remix! He re-positions ‘Alone’ to a later set spin, sending it hurtling towards mainstage.

An elegant summer swansong, and no doubt likely to light up those longer nights ahead as well, Nic & Bossi flip ‘Start To Feel’s fourth straight ace. ‘Alone’ is out on the 10th November


Cant breathe, cause your like a wave crashing down on me

You leave, and every single step takes a part of me
Your love, is a mark on my history

You leave, and ever single step take a part of me

I dont wanna meet somebody new

Im not gonna start getting over you

If you wont take me home

I’ll be alone, be alone

Cause your the only one thats on my mind
And other things are a waste of time

If you wont take me home
I’ll be alone, be alone

Slow down, can’t you feel this place here is holy ground

Dont know, who Im gonna be if your not around

Your love, is the best that I ever found

Dont know, who Im gonna be if your not around

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