Sparks After The Sunset (Rafaël Frost Remix)
Cosmic Gate

With the Deluxe Edition of their smash ‘Start To Feel’ album complete and primed for its June debut, Cosmic Gate bring you a massive remix of, by far, its biggest sleeper hit.

For it, Nic & Bossi have put the task of remixing one of their sixth studio album’s cooler moments into the capably clubby remix hands of Holland’s Rafaël Frost. Having already crushed his remix of ‘Crushed’ back in 2013, he now prepares to let the sparks fly on ‘Sunset!’.

Rafaël’s remix takes ‘Sparks After The Sunset’ on a late night ride to the club-side. Fashioning a pumping, grinding production underlay, he plays the lower end elements off against resonantly echoing FX and renegade synths.

With his trademark complex drum & percussion arrangements and bleepily stabbed riffs twisting the codes of the Electro & Trance, Sarah Lynn’s chanteuse-like vocals takes ‘Sparks’ to its emotionally atmospheric next level.

‘Sparks After The Sunset’ is available as an Instant-Download track now, when pre-ordering ‘Start To Feel – The Deluxe Edition’.

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