Cosmic Gate – Barra (Official Music Video)
24 February 2010

The German duo Cosmic Gate always keep up their rep when it comes to their productions. This new single entitled “Barra”, once again confirms their professionalism and continuous drive to deliver outstanding quality. “Barra” is one of those fantastic big room tracks to play for your audience when you’re lined up at a great event, indoor or outdoor, and you just know that you can make ’em rush to the dance floor, raise their hands, cheer and maybe even have them put up their “tune!” signs.

Especially the DJs that dig the Back 2 Back series will appreciate this one blindly, ’cause this new Cosmic Gate allows you to perfectly work your way to a lovely climax. The more or less undercooled tone of the track is carried by subtle beats, percussion and string stabs and then there it is: a truly chilling break that simply keeps towering until they bring the beat back. Short and simple put, “Barra” by Cosmic Gate is a hit!

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