New Single Going Home with Emma Hewitt
New Single Going Home with Emma Hewitt
09 March 2015

From ‘Falling Back’ to, most recently, ‘Yai’ (Here We Go Again), the last nine months have seen Cosmic Gate fuel club & festival floors with a run of ‘Start To Feel’ Beatport #1s. That shows no sign of abating as Nic & Bossi prepare to unleash another ‘STF’ monster!

Once the album’s wistful midsection beat-free intermission, ‘Going Home’ now assumes a new role… Through a new interpretation from Cosmic Gate themselves and an equally floor-transfixing rework from Gareth Emery to come at the end of the month, the track has undergone a dramatic club-bound transformation.

On ‘Going Home’ Emma Hewitt strikes a different, but no less resonant chord to the one she sounded on ascribed classics like ‘Be Your Sound’ and ‘Not Enough Time’.

For their Club Mix, Nic & Bossi have recalibrated the track, preserving all the pathos & sweet lament of Emma’s bittersweet lyrics & song and underpinning them with determined drums, trilling FX and aerodynamic synths.

A March floor weapon you don’t want to be without, ‘Going Home’ goes clubbing from the 9th of March!

Pre-listen on Soundcloud or get your copy on iTunes!

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